About Ace of Slades

Who are Ace of Slades?

Zoe, is the frontwoman of the trio. She is the lead vocalist as well as joining in with the rhythm guitar. Zoe is true to her country music and she can both definately deliver aharmony of powerful attitude with her sensational voice as well as keeping the audience well entertained in between songs!

Ernest, is the backbone of the ensemble and plays the lead guitar and backing vocals as well as providing the technical and audio support for the band. He is a rocker by nature and always manages to slip in a few good classic rock songs and show off his skills on one of his many guitars. Ernest also plays the ukulele, keyboard and bass guitar.

Keeran is the ying-yang of the three brothers. He plays the bass guitar, as well as the keyboards and the harmonica. Keeran also loves heavy rock as well as country music and can effortlessly strike a balance between the two when performing adding an exciting touch to the band.



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